Amadio 'White Label' Rosso Quattro 2017

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Founded in 1936, the Amadio family is in their third generation of winemaking prestige.  The estate vineyards are located at the southern border to Barossa Valley and the northern border of Adelaide Hills. This, in turn, provides an unmatched opportunity for hot days & cool nights; essential for developing acid in the grape. Highly awarded & acclaimed, Amadio works painstakingly to be as unobtrusive on their natural resources as possible- such as using rainwaters to fill their reservoirs for irrigation. Amadio even employs an army of close to 2000 sheep that roam the vineyards to assist with eating & clearing ground cover and providing natural fertilizers.

Composition:  85% Merlot  |  7% Sangiovese  |  5% Grenache  |  3% Barbera

Tasting Notes:  Fragrances of dark cherry, red berries and anise with hints of vanilla. The nose is mirrored in the glass and met with darker fruits such as mulberry, blackberry, and fig.  All of these flavors fuse with a hint of savory herbals and bittersweet chocolate.  The soft, powdery tannins and fresh acid are well integrated to complete this medium body red, and create an incredibly food-friendly offering.

Pairings: Perfect for spicy sausages, cream sauced pastas or spaghetti Bolognese, an assortment of spicy Thai & Chinese dishes, and barbacoa tacos. This is a red that will take nicely to a soft chill.

Winemaking:  Unoaked. Each varietal of grape is picked separately and de-stemmed, allowing the winemaker control over the blend in the final process.  The wine was inspired by an old home-styled family blend- then refined with present day techniques.  This includes a 12-day on-skin soak to develop complexity and splashing down the soak with its own juices twice, daily. This help develop softer tannins, yielding a crowd-pleasing wine.

Case Production: 2,500/yr

Winemaker: Danniel Amadio


Other Details
Width: 3.50 (in)
Height 12.00 (in)
Depth 3.50 (in)
Bottle Size 750mL
Vintage 2017
Case Pack 12pk
Varietal Red Blend
Origin Australia
Region Adelaide Hills
Label Amadio


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