Amadio 'Black Label' Brut Splits 200mL

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Founded in 1936, the Amadio family is in their third generation of winemaking prestige.  The estate vineyards are located at the southern border to Barossa Valley and the northern border of Adelaide Hills. This, in turn, provides an unmatched opportunity for hot days & cool nights; essential for developing acid in the grape. Highly awarded & acclaimed, Amadio works painstakingly to be as unobtrusive on their natural resources as possible- such as using rainwaters to fill their reservoirs for irrigation. Amadio even employs an army of close to 2000 sheep that roam the vineyards to assist with eating & clearing ground cover and providing natural fertilizers.

Composition:  Chardonnay  |  Colombard  |  Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes:  Light & airy with a persistent, tight bubble.  This sparkler exudes the expected & desired, but muted, yeastiness from the Chardonnay.  The Colombard adds a delightful mid-palate full of white peaches and d'Anjou pears while the Pinot Noir provides a lovely, textured finish and boosted aromatics.

Pairings:  A beautiful accompaniment to a gamut of brunch options ranging from fresh pastries, French Toast, or fluffy omelets. For something special, try with she-crab soup, classic shrimp & grits, or delicate white fish such as Dover sole or Barramundi.

Winemaking:  All three varietals are harvested at the same time and go into tank fermentation for 2-3 weeks, depending on the ambient weather and temperature.  Once the fermentation is complete and the yeast inoculation has settled, the wine is racked and cold stabilized to develop while awaiting bottling.

Winemaker: Danniel Amadio

Case Production: 3,000 cases/yr


Other Details
Width: 9.33 (in)
Height 7.66 (in)
Depth 14.00 (in)
Bottle Size 200mL
Case Pack 24
Varietal Sparkling
Origin Australia
Region South Australia
Label Amadio


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